Transformers 3


Assalamualaikum. salam sejahtera. no more sad mode now. we talking about something awesome. this is great. the best artwork ever by Michael Bay. this bez bro. bez bro.haha.. want to make sincere confession here. this is my first time in a cinema. yes, the first time. never enter it before. hahaha. yela, saya orang Kelantan. Kelantan mane ada cinema. not like other state. but i like it that way in Kelantan. anyway, anything about transformers3. for me, it freaking awesome. hahaha. dengan penemuan Sentinel Prime, commander of autobots before Optimus Prime, it makes things cooler.


Sentinel Prime

When it Disguise
Sentinel agak besar dari mana - mana autobots lain. lagi hebat sebab dia bekas komender. and i'll leave the rest 4 all of u to see. yang aku paling tertarik ialah sebuah autobot yang jadi Ferrari 458 Italia. new autobots. announce by Michael Bay before filem n kluar. OMG! sebelum n, pernah terfikir mcm mana Ferrari yang cantik gler macam tu kalau jadi robot. but now, see it youself. serius cool !!! it's name MIRAGE

smart nak mampos!
garang nak mampos.!!
ade la lagi bbrapa autobots tambahan macam roadbuster, Lead foot, brains, Wheelie, and banyak lagi lah. they all great. working together to protect the world from decepticons!

for the decepticons, really damn thing~! they getting crueller, strongger, and bigger. one of them is Driller. kalau korang tengok trailer transformers3, menatang yang lilit bangunan sampai terbelah 2 tu lah shockwave. tp yang lilit2 tu mcm ekor dia kot. dan sekor lagi yang paling aku sakit hati. ade je mane-mane menatang n. nama dia Laserbeak. u know, it can disguise to be a LCD tv. hate that! and also u will meet shockwave~

n lah Driller 
our hero, Optimus Prime really awesome as usual. but u'll noticed something which is it has trailer behind him. u know what is it? i dont know as well. but i think it is related to his weapon. haha. menatang ats n, dia kerat main-main je..padan muka kau Driller.hahaha. paling suka tengok optimus lawan. mudah giler nk bunuh decepticons. but not when megatron and sentinel. ok done. u should see this movie. really awesome. eventhough some people say it doesn't. for me, it worth the ticket! kalau tgk 10x pon xpe. hahaha.
ok allz. bubye~

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"In any war, there are calms between the storms. There will be days when we lose faith. Days when our allies turn against us... but the day will never come when we forsake this planet and its people. For I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to the universe: We are here. We are home."- Optimus Prime : closing


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