Al Ikhwah - another chapter


Assalamualaikum kepada semua. done with transformers last post. now back to past story with new chapter. Al - Ikhwah. this time, its all about the beginning of the war~ ' its show time!! ' .  the war againts self capabilities, the war againts the best. from a same place - Al Azhar University but no one know others this time. ok, enough with facepalm intro. we just go straigt rite.

its was a sunny day on 12/11/2010.  8am. 

we are Al Ikhwah
 our first gathering as Al Ikhwah.from left : hamdi, fawwaz, cerah, haziq, kimi, pato, izzuddin. from behind left: muhaimin and eqbal. smua tengah berkobar - kobar semangat. tak pernah training, tak pernah main skali. tiba-tiba je dah mcm ni. but we get used to it.

streching skit..hehe
sesi pemanas badan yang dikendalikan oleh yang berpengalaman. dia seorg yang sudah biasa dengan semua ini kerana pernah berada di bawah kendalian jurulatih bagi pasukan bola sepak Kelantan untuk kejohanan KESUMA. some say, he is the top striker at that time. yeah, its Hamdi

Hamdi in action
 look at him. the glance of the legend. this shot was taken by Panasonic Lumix F3. thats y the was was not so clear. but just look at him. give me a motivation and inspiration. great!

first match
this is officially our first match. Al- Ikhwah VS Dentist II. refferee from team Cesc Skoda member.  no.22, thats me. i'm the captain with no band :">

 whoa! messi with us? rite. thats 'messi' a.k.a asyraf. the truth is, he hate messi right now. one of MU hardcore fan. just like me. i think that jersey was an emergency plan as our team wear red and he doesn't have one. its ok, we understand that. lol

messi again 
he is a one of the great midfielder and also a defender we ever had. he is right footed but he admire a left footed player. u know who? Ryan Gigs. yeah man, he played, just like gigs. finding the space and make a pass. create chances but really bad with his head. ROTFL

in action.

messi kna olek?
 no one can past him easily. very talented player eventhough he just trained at his backyard.

Haziq 'the killer'. 4 sometime =D
this is also my player. Haziq. remember rite? i never thought that he was so good in soccer. look at his face, not more than a jambu man and a girls lover. he is the killer 4 the first about 6 games and his sting vanished after that. dont know y. but u really need to recall ur specialty haziq!! we have a big game later!

ok. that all for the first chapter. we win again dentist II with the score 5 - 0 and another match i forgot how its end. but we win all the games for this day. next time i will tell u insyaAllah~ see ya next time. bubye~ ^^ Assalamualaikum


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