~Malaysia~ (part1)


sampai 10.2.2011 rsnye..
slpas HANYA 19 JAM penerbangan Charlie c - 130,
kitorang selamat smapai kt TUDM Subang...
disambut oleh Menteri Pertahanan, Dato' Zahid Hamidi...

 (charlie kokpit..)

Charlie's Experience :
we got 2 the Jeddah airport at 0300 local time,
hoping to fly back with MAS,
but, some of the Airforce Army welcomed us..
n thats mean,, no more MAS for us~!
after waiting about 9hour,
our 'wonderfull' journey started...
the noise from the engines is enough to make all the passenger nervous..
it was our first time in that 'green' plane...

4 hour later,,we reached at Al - Ain airport, UAE...
we saw nothing amazing as the day was dust at that time
we rest n pray 4 about 1hour..n the journey continue..
(Al-Ain airport)
7hour after that,we arrive at Male' airport at Maldive..
everyone was suprised because that airport has no water even it have so many toilet..hahaha
we also in Maldive 4 an hour...
last fly..
destination : TUDM Subang...
at last~!!!!

our Heroes..hee

Terima Kasih kepada semua yang bertungkus lumus menjayakan OPS PIRAMID
terutama kepada semua anggota TUDM yang bersama kami..hee...


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