Hello Exam!


beribu ampun dihulurkan.
ketiadaan post2 baru kebelakangan ni.
so busy recently. lots of book to read. lots to remember.
biochemistry, physiology, histology and anatomy.
have to save them in mind..O.o

still more to come even one have finished.
Alhamdulillah, biochem finished today. 
so far all goes well. 
and for coming exam which is physio,
lot to prepare. and lots to study.huhu

physiology in 26th of september for writting exam.
27 @ 28 for oral and practical.
of course the exam hall this time will full. haha

lepas physio, histology.
yang akan terjadi betul2 selepas physiology.
29 september. 
nak cari mana masa nak study 1 buku dalam masa lebih kurang 24jam?
 have to be super express. hee

anatomy pulak lepas histo.
5.oktober. kali ni, 5 buku kot dalam masa 3 hari.
sebab histo habis semua skli pada 3.okt. 
super duper express!!!  

last one is Al Quran.
of course syafawi and tahriri.
syafawi kena exam skali lagi. dont know why. 

thats all i thought for examination period. 
do pray for us. ^^
insyaAllah everything will be great. 



Fawwaz said...

best of luck mimi ! target tinggi ! toksei carry so paper pun naik taun dua, weehooo ! rabbuna ma3ak! :)

ilhamhakimi said...

tq wah.. :)

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